S1 E1

Michael a burned spy is relegated to live in Miami Florida the same state and city as his mother. His whole efforts is to find out who burned him in the agency. In the meantime he takes on various jobs that the police department is not equipped to handle. The jobs relate to helping people that are being taken advantage of by scammers, thieves and so on.

Scene One * Michael Finds Out He Was Burned

This first scene opens up while on assignment Michael finds out he is burned and what happens to him.


[ 8/5/21 ] Karma is something that pays us back for the Bad and Good things we do in this world. We walk around thinking that no sins goes unpunished while we are doing the things we do, because we think no one is watching, but you have to know that there is always someone watching. Karma comes to us when we least expect it and for some of us we don’t associate what we did to the karma we receive.